Smooth Out Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Come to us for Sculptra injections in El Paso, TX

Are the subtle signs of aging starting to show around your eyes and mouth? Restore your youthful appearance with derma fillers from Sun City Laser in El Paso, TX. We specialize in Sculptra injections, which smooth out fine lines and deep wrinkles. This gel-like substance is injected underneath your skin to plump up recessed areas for a softer, fuller appearance.

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What to expect after your appointment

Sun City Laser provides a sterile environment during your Sculptra injection appointment. After service, you:

  • Can expect some soreness and light bruising
  • Should avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours
  • Will see noticeable results after a few days
  • May need up to three treatments spaced one month apart

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