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Designed with natural movement in mind, Kysse utilizes XpresHAn Technology™, an advanced hyaluronic acid (HA) gel that ensures precise and flexible results. Crafted to maintain the full range of expressions while providing natural-looking enhancements, this innovative formula strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and support. Its clear injectable gel, composed of naturally occurring sugars like HA, is crosslinked with BDDE for extended longevity, offering lasting effects beyond naturally occurring HA. With 0.3% lidocaine for enhanced comfort during injection, Kysse is tailored for individuals over 21 seeking temporary lip fullness and smoother perioral lines.

To achieve fuller lips and smooth out perioral lines, Kysse is expertly administered using an ultrafine needle. Whether injected directly into the lips or above them, this treatment effectively enhances lip volume and reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the upper lip. Experience the transformative effects of Kysse, carefully applied to accentuate your natural beauty and provide a rejuvenated look you'll love.