Never Worry About Shaving Again

Get the benefits of permanent hair removal in El Paso, TX

You shouldn't have to plan what you wear around whether or not you shaved. If you're tired of wasting minutes every day taking care of stubble, Sun City Laser can help. We provide hair reduction treatments at our med spa in El Paso, TX.

Our specialized applicator targets hair follicles using different wavelengths of light energy. This results in destroying the hair follicle to prevent further growth. Permanent hair removal is noninvasive and doesn't damage the surrounding tissues.

Enjoy the benefits of effortlessly smooth skin for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a treatment.

Who can benefit from laser hair removal?

Permanent hair removal is perfect for patients who want to reduce hair on their back, face, chest, armpits and legs. Treatments are suitable for:

  • All skin tones
  • All hair thicknesses
  • All hair types
  • All hair colors

Hair reduction treatments are painless and can require up to 10 sessions to get the desired results. Call 915-849-9018 to learn more.