Dr. Manuel Padilla, D.O. and our Nurse Practicioner, Maria Isabel Padilla, DNP, APRN, FNP-C  form a terrific team sharing a common goal – to provide excellent care for each patient seeking medical help.

Our scope of service includes, school physicals, preventative care, surgical clearance, blood pressure monitoring, pre-employment physicals, colds, flu, allergy and asthma atherapy, acute and chronic care, urinary tract infections, ear wax removal, minor surgical procedures and other health issues of men and women as well as Medical Spa treatments using the finest in laser technology and skin care science to restore, enhance and protect your natural beauty.

Office procedures done at Sun City Medical Clinic include skin tag removal, repair of minor laceration, drainage of abscesses, biopsy of skin lesions, joint infections, inhalation therapy, spirometry, ECG, nerve conduction study, toe nail removal, throat or urine cultures, ear lavage and other necessary m;edical procedures.

Screening and Preventative health services include pregnancy tests, Pap smears, STD screening, diabetes, cholesterol screening, high blood pressure, immunizaation, helicobacter pylori, gynecological exam and prostate exams.


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